8 Fundamental Rules For Keeping A Positive Attitude

positive-300x199“Today is really driving me crazy!”, we sometimes say to ourselves. That’s wrong: There are NO impossible days, there are just negative mental attitudes that don’t let us deal with things using the right alertness. Keeping in mind some simple rules can really change the way we perceive the world and the way we live it, defeating the most dreadful amongst our enemies: the feeling of overwhelming. So here’s 8 basic tips for nurturing positive thinking:

Deal with one issue at the time.

If you put many problems on the table at the same time they will only grow bigger, together with your anxiety and the fear of not succeeding in something.


Taking care of our language is vital in order to stay positive. For instance, you must replace a “I’m not afraid of” with a “I’m brave enough to”: it gives a positive image and doesn’t materialize a negative one (not even by contrast).

Avoid polarizations

No situation is either good or bad per se. Every circumstancehas it’s pros and cons, it’s up to us to take advantage of the pros and avoid the cons.

Do not indulge too much in negative feelings

An uplifting cry can surely help us driving the sadness away. But spending the whole day crying, that is no use. A breath of fresh air and a change of perspective can help  us getting rid of the residual negativity and focusing on our main goal.

Take one hour off every day just for yourself

Whether you use it for Yoga or to run in the park, it is vital to re-establish a connection with our interior dimension, clearing our mind from all external stimuli, in order to remember ourselves who we are and what we want.

Don’t spend too much time in bed

Sleeping well is crucial, but staying wide awake in a horizontal position increases the feeling of passiveness and shuts our mental energies down: to avoid at all costs.

Say goodbye to negative influences

Sometimes we need to be brutal and push away some particularly pessimist or quick-tempered people. If that’s not possible, we must at least try to isolate their attitudes and avoid to get involved.

Feed your mind with good readings

Books are an excellent source of thought rephasing: the world is full of positive examples, we just have to look for them! In the same way, when negativity seems to take over, avoiding reading newspapers can’t but help ourselves. The world won’t come to an end for one day, and we won’t ditch ourselves.

In order to put these tips into action it might be helpful to get all the instruments we can find: pen and paper to write notes down, our eBook reader or our smart phone to read something if we need to etc. We might need these things just in case, but only if we’ll have had written down the most important principle, so that we’ll never forget it: the real change starts from ourselves.

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