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5 top Michelin star restaurants in the North of Spain

With its incredible landscapes and unique cultures, the north of Spain is probably best known for its gastronomy. Very talented chefs know just how to blend innovative techniques with the simplicity and traditions of their roots. From the fresh seafood of Galicia, the fabada of Asturias, and the culinary innovation of Basque country, if you are a lover of food then there is no doubt you should make a trip to the north.

For the real foodies out there, an ideal vacation should be a gastronomic road trip across the north of Spain. Below are a few Michelin-starred restaurants in must-see Spanish cities going from right to left, starting from the coast of France and ending in Galicia, the northwest Spanish region right above Portugal. Not only do they offer the best of innovative and traditional Spanish gastronomy, but each one has an excellent and different atmosphere as well. From superb views overlooking the ocean to the sensation of being “at home”. Sure to be a fantastic experience and an unforgettable gastronomic journey!


Managed by three Basque brothers, Alameda consists of a young team who like to experiment and incorporate new things in their menu. The atmosphere makes you feel at home and they use local produce from Hondarribia and straight from their own garden. The cuisine is the right mix of modern and traditional. Recommended is their tuna marinated with citrus during the summer.

Alameda Hondarribia

Minasoroeta 1, Hondarribia


Boasting three Michelin stars, Akelarre is one of many top restaurants in San Sebastian. Making it truly stand out above the rest is its location high above the Bay of Biscay, allowing you to take in spectacular views of the ocean while enjoying your meal. The menus are updated constantly with the latest innovations and the freshest and finest products. Overall a superb dining experience from the first dish to the last.

Akelarre San Sebastian

Paseo Padre Orcolaga 56, San Sebastian

Restaurante Mina

Located in the heart of Bilbao and in very close proximity of the biggest covered food market of Europe. Only has availability for 25 guests per service which means you are sure to be taken care of with special attention to every detail. Incredible food and incredible service. For a different experience, ask for a seat at the “barra” from which you can view the kitchen and watch the chefs as they work their magic.

mina bilbao

Muelle Marzana, Bilbao

Casa Marcial

The very house in which the chef, Nacho Manzano, grew up. Casa Marcial is located in a small mountain village of Asturias, the northern Spanish region famous for its fabada and cider. The small restaurant was run by Manzano’s parents where they served the most traditional Asturian dishes. Today, it proudly holds two Michelin stars and serves the traditional dishes with a more modern interpretation.

Casa Marcial Asturias

Calle La Salgar, Arriondas, Asturias

Casa Solla

Also a family restaurant, Casa Solla opened more than 50 years ago by the current chef’s (Pepe Solla) parents. It began as a traditional restaurant focused on quality and today is known as one of the leaders of Galician haute cuisine. Excellent chef and lovely atmosphere of a typical Galician home with a modern interior. As to be expected in this area, the fish and shellfish are always the highlight of the menu no matter the season.

casa solla galicia

Av. Sineiro 7, Pontevedra, Galicia

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