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2400HP Volvo Semi-truck? Lets say it is faster than your Honda…


Volvo Trucks is known for the producing heavy trucks with shockingly fast speed runs. Thus now, they are resetting their own 2 year-old record with their latest creation. The ‘Iron Knight’ is a 2400 HP big rig that goes from zero to sixty mph in just 4.6 seconds. Is that good enough to set a world record? Sure thing.
The Swedes times the fastest truck from a standstill to 500 meters and 1000 meters, having had no history of racing quarter horses for a quarter mile. Then, the fastest truck reached in 13.71 and 21.29 seconds.

The fast hauler was going 82 mph at the 500 meter mark and 105 mph after reaching the 1000 meters. All of a sudden, it topped out 172 mph. Just like that, the Volvo set a new world record.

Nevertheless, Volvo had already proved the power of its engine in previous runs. Why are they still doing it? Well, first of all they can. Second, you know that nobody ever got fed up with more and more power coming, right?

The fastest truck in the world is a custom build Volvo and it was build with one goal in mind only- performance. It features a mid-mounted Volvo diesel engine and this big rig, as mentioned before, is a very powerful piece of machinery.

They carried out the world record run with the world’s fastest truck in northern Sweden at a closed-off test track. FIA, the international motor sport association, is still reviewing the records for certification. Though, whether they approve it or not, it doesn’t really matter. All that we know is that Volvo is still going to return with faster trucks to break more records in the future. Check out the run of the world’s fastest truck!

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