There are a ton of new features in this snowbound update from Redmond, which is Build 14986, so let’s dig right in.

What’s new in the latest Fast Ring build

Cortana is more capable than ever, with a feature update that’s sure to bother your coworkers. You can now shut off or reboot your system using only your voice, or other people’s systems, if you’re loud enough. Beyond that, voice control for music and third-party audio apps is better than ever, and she looks a lot better in fullscreen mode.

There are a few notable updates to non-Cortana features as well. There are improved visuals, better support for recalling previous sketches, and a few polishing touches. The Game Bar now works with more full-screen games, and there are a few new extensions coming to Microsoft Edge.

In a major quality of life upgrade that a number of users have been asking for, Windows 10 now asks when would be a good time to start an update. In the current version, the system has you set a time window you normally use your computer, or when isn’t a good time to update. The problem is, it doesn’t let you set a very wide window, and it often runs updates during busy hours anyway. Now, there’s no confusion — you tell the system when to update, and if it can’t do it then, it will ask you to reschedule.

A Windows 10 update also means bug fixes, but in this case they seem more like A/B tested solutions. Little fixes like moving the handwriting panel around and greyed out menu options make up the bulk of the smaller changes.

There are also some features that are broken now. Brightness hotkeys may not work properly in this build, and you’ll have to wait a few minutes for Cortana to index your music the first time before you can ask her to change the song.

These are just the highlights, though. Build 14986 is probably the biggest single updates since the Anniversary Update went live, so there’s a lot small extras, as well as significant improvements focused on the Chinese language version of Windows 10. Read the official Windows Blog for every detail.

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